Tuesday, May 20, 2008


jake and i went for an u/s this morning. everything is good. we went to go and see how big she is. well she is 6lbs 10oz! so shell gain a few more ounces is the last weeks so hopefully shell only be around 7lbs and not too much bigger. i dont think that i can push out anything bigger! everything else looks good, shes face down which means shes ready to come out. so just a few more weeks. we cant wait.


Nunes Family said...

What??? You might have a bigger baby than me! Well best of luck we sure miss you guys.

Dan, Becky and Gracie said...

Hey Morris's,
Congrats on the baby. Looks like we have about the same number of days left!. So exciting. :) Good luck with everything. Keep blogging; it will be nice to keep in touch with you guys. Take care!

Amber Adele said...

Congradulations Jake!! My wife helped me find your blog... small world. Good luck on the birthing thing.

Nate and Lori said...

in response to your question about the blog background, I actually just made it myself. I'd love to help you make one sometime if you'd like...or I can e-mail you the directions. It is a little bit tricky the first time but gets easier after that.