Friday, March 27, 2009

Disney Land!

this past weekend we went to disney land with my family. thanks to my mom who paid for the hotel! it was so much fun. the whole family went except for jacob. it was fun but hard not having him there. the boys loved and it so did charlee. i took her on most of the kiddie rides and pirates! she loved everyone! waving her arms and legs with excitment. i cant wait to go back again!

mom and charlee
ty showing of his cool hat

hunter and his lightsaver

charlee me and hunter

charlee, she did so well while we were there. she really only had on bad night

charlee me and mickey. she was just in awe of him!

me and dad, thanks for going on the roller coster with me!

ty, britt, chuck, matt and pax

britt, mom and me


me and my sweet girl!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sunday baseball

today after church my family ate dinner and then played some cards and baseball. it was such a great day. we layed a blanket out and just hung out. charlee didnt like the grass too much it was funny to watch her. i wish we had more days like this in arizona. im looking forward to summer but not 120degree weather.

jake batting
chuch batting

chuck and christina

what a cuttie!

isnt she cute?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


my dad bought my sister, mom and sister in law tickets to the rascal flatts concert for any early birthday present. needless to say we had a great time! they sure do put on a great concert. we had a blast dancing, and singing along. thanks dad!

the zoo

we went to the zoo today. i forgot my camera and i was so bummed! we went with my good friend ashley her husband, baby layla and her sisters. it was a great day. we certainly go out excerise. we saw the monkey's,lions, tigers, elephants and much more. it was kind of busy but we still had a lot of fun. thanks ashley and don for inviting us!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9months old!

i cant believe that my little girl is 9months old! we went for her check up yesturday and is doing great. she still in the 50th percentile for her height and weight. she acutally hasnt gained much since her last office visit. i had to take her in about 3weeks ago for an ear infection and shes only gained a few ounces. but the doctor said that it was ok because shes starting to level out. she loves to crawl and is learning to walk! she walks along couches and she can stand by herself for about 10seconds. shes getting better everyday. she trying to talk and loves to make grunting noises and will try to imitate you. she can say mama, dada and bababa. she also loves to eat! she will eat just about anything you give her and wants everything you have. shes pretty much just eating table food. her favorite thing to do is get into purses and bags. she will empty everything out and crawl around with it. she also loves being so cute to watch. jacob will crawl after her and she will laguh. we just love her so much and cnat imagine out lives with out her. she brings such great blessing to our lives everyday.