Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hunter turns 6!

my oldest nephew turned 6! it was back on the 15th but yet again ive been a little late in posting. he is my sisters oldest and i cant believe that he is already six! it seems like yesturday that he was born. we just love him to death. he so sweet and kind but watch out if you tell him anything he will tell everyone! hes in school now and got moved up to the advanced reading group and we are so proud of him. it will be very sad when brit and matt move and we wont beable to see him everyday. we love you hunter!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ears pierced!

jake and i decided that we would go and get charlees ears pierced they turned out really good. sorry about the pictures they arent that great but they are the best that i could get

i love her face in this one

bouncing charlee

this is charlee's favorite thing to do. she doesnt do it in the video but if jake stops making that noise she will start to grunt herself its too funny. enjoy

Monday, January 5, 2009

a trip to the snow!

on friday and saturday my whole fam went up to the snow, we stayed in payson then drove up past strawberry for the snow. we had a great time. charlee didnt like too much. but the hills were a lot of fun.

me on the innertube



chuck and christina

the boys on the sled

me, jake and charlee

jake and charlee

New Years Day

new years day wasnt that special we just went over to my parents and hung out. we ate, played baseball and went to the park. it was lots of fun.

jake pushing ty and hunter on the tire swing
jake jumping off the swings

britani on my moms new bike she got for christmas

jake playing ball
pax, dad and ty
ty hitting the ball
hunter on base
pax hitting the ball