Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carter and Charlee

my sister and her family took off to disneyland this week man i wish i could have gone with them! well they only took thier three older boys. so my brother, sisterin law and my mom watched her youngest carter. he can be a difficult baby but he did really well he had his moments but i now know what it would be like to have twins! charlee and carter loved playing outside together. even tho it was hot thats were they spent most of thier time.

charlee in this car that she loves
carter man

carter and charlee arent they cute

they look like they are playing nice but in reality they would hit and yell at each other if the other one didnt like wha thtye were doing

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

i cant believe american idol is over already. i never really watched the last few seasons and i never voted but we got in to this year and ive watched from the start. kris has been one of my favorites since the beginging and i voted for him everyweek. i didnt like adam at all, i know that he has a good voice but i just not into that whole look and music. i absoulety hated what he did with "ring of fire"! in the back of my mind i thought for sure that adam was going to win! but praying that kris would. im so glad that he did. he did a great job with keith urban on the finale (by the way i love love keith) yah for kris!

Friday, May 15, 2009

ASU Graduates

my two wonderful sister laws graduated today. I'm so proud of them and their success. i just to let them know how much i love them and are grateful for them in my lives congrats girls!

Beth graduated with her bachelor degree in speech and hearing science

Christina graduated with her bachelor in elementary education

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Pictures

we took some family pictures on sunday. they turned out really well. these are just a few from that day. and thanks to beth who came and made kids smile and take some pictures!

christina, brit, mom and me
mom, dad and all the grandkids

morris family

the whole gang, i think this is one of my favs

arent we a pretty bunch?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ellas blessing

my sister and brother in law had their little girl in feb and they just blessed her this past weekend. she is jus the cutest little thing and we are bleesed to have another niece. i also want to say good luck to ike jake younger brother they are going to state this weekend i hope that they win!

Charlees Walking!

so i know its been forever that i have blogged. i just havent dont it. but this is blogg worthy plus charlee is still sleeping so i have a chance. anywho...charlee is walking! shes been trying for the last month or so. taking steps here and there. but just in the last week or so shes been doing really well. here is a short video. shes kind of cranky in it because shes ready for bed.