Saturday, May 3, 2008


so my mom got me to read this series and its pretty good. i havent read too many books but i love church books. i highly reconmend the children of the promise, the work and the glory, the kade family saga, and the porter rockwell chronicles. anyways, when i started i didnt know if i was going to like it or not, and it acutally took me a little while to get through the first book, but its really good. im on the second book and almost dont with it, i can hardly put it down. i love that ive learned a few things about the nephites and lamanites. there is about 10 books in all, i just hope i can get through all of them after the baby comes. so if youre looking for a book to read i reconmend this series!

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Jenny Lynn said...

I've heard those are really good books, I've never actually read them, but they are on the list!!

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