Saturday, March 19, 2011

happy birthday britani!

so its my sisters birthday i hate that she is 3000 miles away. i just wanted to blog about her and tell her i love her so much and i hope that you have a great birthday.

i cant believe i could find a picture of me and her but shes hardly in the picture but heres a good one with my handsome nephew hunter. thanks for everything you are sis im lucky to have you.

Number 2!

so let me start off by saying i know im so behind in blogging but i have a pretty good reason why. were having number 2! were really excited. i have been so sick hence the no blogging. when your throwing up all the time its the last thing on your mind. its been a rough four months working and being so sick, the good new is now im starting to feel better. at least for the last week so. so lets hope it keeps on going.....ill keep you more update on whats going on. we find out april 7th what were having so youll have to come and find out. till then!