Wednesday, September 9, 2009

15 months

i cant believe my baby is 15months already. we just love her to death. shes getting bigger and smater all the time! shes signing really well now, shes really getting to be her own person. she loves to do what you do, she loves to throw clothes in the washer. she thinks she is a big girl alwaying wanting her own fork, sitting in her own chair, with no booster. we just love her so much and are so thankful that she is a part of our family

Hawley Lake Baby!

so for the 4th year in a row we went to hawley lake....its up past show low on the reservation. we love going up there. we stay in a cabin and we do whatever we want. it rains a lot but thats ok! we always have a great time. we sure did miss those nunes boy! we wish you guys were there!

showing charlee the cows
reading with grandpa

she found a hole

playing badmitton

i love that face

sititng in the tree she looks all grown up

i love this pic...charlee and jake found walking sticks

our cabin

isnt she lovely?

this is the new shoe i bought! isnt she lovely? i get to wear it for a whole 3 lovely see how i got the privlege to wear this lovely shoe is i had a battle with a rock and the rock won! i was walking to my car to go to target and i wasnt paying attention and i ran into a rock. i stubbed my pinkie toe and man did it i thought i would just walk it off...boy was i wrong. i looked down and my small toe was sticking out to the right. (its my right pinkie toe) let me just tell you i didnt look right. so i had to go to the doctor this moring and get xrays and some lovely shots to num my foot and the doctor yanked it back into place. to say the least im not happy about my recent shoe purchase

5 years and counting.....

its been five years since jake and i got married and i cant believe it! we celebrated by going to this place called the "keg" it was really good. thier customer service is really good and the food better. we told them it was our first time and that we were celebrating and they gave us a free shrimp cocktail and a free cheesecake at the end! it was great we highly recomend it. i just want to say that i love you honey! thanks for all that you do for charlee and i! you are the best we could ask for! thanks for the great 5 years and ones a head!