Monday, March 5, 2012

6 Months!

i cant believe my bryn bug is 6months already. how the time flys! she is such a blessing! i love getting to stay at home with her and seeing her grow everyday. she is getting so big! she is in the 86% for her height(which she didnt get from me) and 62% for her weight. shes already wearing 9month clothes! she has the cutest fast thighs ever! she hates tummy time but will be moving soon, shes been sitting up for a while now and reaches so far for stuff that she falls on her belly and starts fussing cuz she hates it. she has red hair and still is a peach fuz hasnt grown much lately. she loves to eat and were trying new foods all the time. i love the faces she makes they make me laugh ecspecially when she wants me and shes fussing. she is very attached to me and loves to be held. were just so thankful for her to be in our family. charlee loves being a big sister to her and is always helping me out. hopefully it stays that way when brynlee starts steeling her toys!