Thursday, June 18, 2009

we hate goodbyes

so the day has finally come. Brit and the boys moved to Pennsylvania! i cant believe that they are gone. it so sad. we took them to the airport this afternoon. my dad and i were actually allowed to go all the way to the gate with them. they have "passenger assistant" passes that allows you to go thought security with you family. you should have seen us five kids, car seats, 4 bags at least and a double stroller! it was site! I'm going to miss them so much....of course i balled when they got on the plane. 3 years they are going to be there at it totally sucks! charlee is gonna know what to do by herself family parties are going to be pretty boring now! i have a trip planned in Nov and I'm counting down the days. we miss you guys already!

pax being silly
chuck and all the kids


charlee and pax

me,ty, hunter and pax

carter and charlee...these two loved playing with each other

all five of them

playing on the slip n slide

she loved it

playing the spa, i know that boys will miss going in the spa with grandpa

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

charlee is one!

i cant believe that it was a year ago that charlee was born! time has gone by so fast and she has certainly won over our hearts. it was worth everything that i went through to have her. she is truly a blessing in our lives and cant image life without her. heavnly father has truly blessed us. shes getting so big. walking and talking feeding herself. shes learning how to sign she has "more" down pretty good but were still learning the other ones. im very greatful to be her mom!

the day she was born! look at the head

what a sweet baby

smiling of course

we love you baby girl!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Charlee's Party

we had charlees party on saturday! it was lots of fun and i want to say thank you to everyone that came! it meant a lot for you guys to be there. also to my aunt marina who let us use her house and pool! charlee had a great time and i hope that everyone else did to!

charlees cake that my friend lynn made! thank you so much it was a big hit!
charlee is her birthday outfit. i made the shirt!

charlees friend layla

blowing out the candle on the cake

testing it out

ummmm this is good!

i think ill smash it in my face!

opening presents with all her cousins

the gift she got! thank you to everyone you guys sure did spoil her! we love you all