Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

gosh i can believe that its been a month since my last post. these weeks have gone by sooooo fast i cant believe thanksgiving is already over. im in erie right now my sister and her boys. its so great seeing them. im so thankful that i get to spend this time with them. we did have a great surprise. my dad wasnt supposed to be here with us, but suprised us all by getting here before my mom and i got here. we had no idea, infact no one did. it was a great surprise! we went shopping this morining getting us at 400am! man was it crazy. erie isnt as small as i thought it was, and theres only one target, walmart, bestbuy and sears. so the lines were super crazy long. if it wasnt for my moms quick thinking we would have been in a target line for like 2hours! my mom stood in line while we shopped at walmart, so that was nice. its been pretty cold. its supposed to snow in the next couple of days, but its been raining a lot. i couldnt belive when people had flip flops on and light sweaters. i had a scarf, big heavy jacket, and gloves! well i hope that everyons thanksgiving was a good as ours.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

charlee was a lady bug this year. i made her wings and tu-tu she lookes really cute, i did have her hair done but when i put her in the car and drove to the trunk or treat, she had totally ripped them out. needless to say i was pretty mad. but we had a fun night anways

her wings
my cute nephews

me and charlee, i was a cat