Saturday, July 10, 2010

jersey fourth of july

my aunt and uncle throw a fourth of july party every year, we swim eats tons of food and do lots of talking. this year since we were all there my aunt bought us shirts that said " yes im one of the jones" my dad and his brother look so a like that she put " im not charlie" on olivers shirt and "im not oliver" on my dad shirts.

this year they roasted a pig

all of us in our shirts

mom, dad and the grandkids

the cake we got from cake boss

britani, christina, shawna nd me

shawn and christina

the jersey shore

so while we were in jersey we went to the jersey shore and stayed in my aunts beach house. its really close to the beach which was nice. we also went to a lighthouse, and most of us climbed to the top.

the view from the lighthouse

charlee looking out a windown
charlee and carter

all the kids

carter, austin and pax

carter and dad


ty, olivia and hunter playing in the sand


my sister lives about 2hours from palmyra so on day we took a trip up there. we got to see the joseph smith farm, the scared grove, and the temple it was really preety there, but it was soooo humid that day we were there!

charlee and carter

britani and her boys

palymra temple

chuck and shawn

all the grandkids

Niagra falls

niagra falls was one of the coolest things ive ever seen. its so beautiful and amazing.

all the cousions

one happy family

chuck, me, britani, christina, pax, and hunter

most of the gang

charlee was in love!

kirtland temple

my sister lives about an hour from the kirtland temple so we were able to go it see along with some of the other church history sites. its a really beautiful temple.