Tuesday, November 25, 2008


this past saturday my family and i went to rawhide. its an old western town and we went to go get old fashion picutres done. they turned out really good. the boys got to ride a carriage, pan for gold and shoot guns. it was kind of hot that day but it was fun.

jake, charlee and my brother charlie
me, charlee, mom and carter

me and brit

charlee and charlie

jake, me and charlee

tyson loves his cousin charlee. hes such a sweet boy to her always wanting to hold and kiss her

rideing on the carriage

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyson!

tyson turned 4 today! we had his birthday at chuck e cheese's today and it was great fun. hes such a sweet little guy and growing up way too fast. we just love him so much!

ty and his bionicle cakeblowing out the candles

all of his friendsopening presents
playing on the stage

pax and mom
me and chuck

mom and charlee

jake, me and chalree

the girls

Veterans Day Parade

this post is a little late but my sister, nephews and my dad went to the veterans day parade. ive never acutally gone but it gives you a sense of pride. im so thankful for the men and women who served from the civil war to the war were fighting today to keep my freedom a live.

watching the parade
charlee happy like always

waiting for the parade to start. they didnt start on time and the boys were getting bored

dad and brit

pax and carter

Monday, November 10, 2008


so i love the fall time. this is my favorite time of year. i love that its getting cold, the air is changing and they start playing christmas music! i think that thanksgiving gets a little over looked becuase christmas is right around the corner. this year i am so thankful for everything that i have. im so glad not to be in balitmore any more. even though i spent the holidays with my family last year i dont have to leave! as im getting older ive come to realize how much family and friends are so important . i dont know what i would do with out my family. the give us some much love and support. this time of year is not about getting gifts and eating lots of food, its be thankful for living in the usa and the freedoms that we have, and being with our families. anyways i just wanted to express my thoughts

Monday, November 3, 2008

halloween and pumpkins

so we had a good halloween. the night before we carved pumpkins and they turned out great. then on halloween night we went to my sisters halloween party and had hot dogs, chili, and cupcakes. then we went trick or treating around the neighborhood. this pic is the only one i got that night becuase my camera battery died.

ty, carter, pax, charlee and hunter
this was at work, with anna

destnee, allie and me at work

matts pumpkin

hunter and his pumpkin that i helped him with