Monday, April 28, 2008

rain and hot chocolate

so after a wonderful saturday with great weather the last two days have been nothing but cold and rain! it was probably about 75degrees on sat and when we woke up on sunday to go to church it was probably 40degrees. it started raining this morning and hasnt stoped all day! i even made myself some hot chocolate! i guess this is what its like to have an acutall change in weather!

goofy golfing

so the weather has been pretty good and on sat we decided to go minature golfing. it was a little warm but there was a great breeze. we didnt keep score but i think jake beat me!
on the way there we saw some parks so after we got done golfing we decided to get some lunch and go to the park. it was so nice. there was a lake and lots of geese. we choose a spot next to the lake on the grass and ate. it was so great! we didnt get a picture of it but these two geese were fighting at one point and they were sticking thier tongues out at each other! it was the funniest thing.

Monday, April 21, 2008

spring trip

mom came to visit this weeked. it turned out to be a great time. the weather was great. we went shopping and just hung out. this is her under one of the cherry trees. they are so beautiful.
jake and i have never been to the hospital that im delivering at so we took a trip to find out where it was. ofcourse the exit off the freeway that we needed was closed so we had to drive around but we eventually found it and these are some flowers outside the building.
this is us under another tree. these cherry trees bloom everywhere around here and they are the coolest colors. in purple and pink mostly.
we took a trip down town to the inner harbor. it was really nice. the breeze from the ocean made it great to be outside. we just walked around, had lunch and got some ice cream.
this is us on sunday after church. this tree is by our house. man i look big in this pic. i did have another appt and ive gained another 2lbs. so im on my way to gaining atleast 20lbs by the end. its all those cookies and milk that i have just about every night! i want to thank my mom for coming it was great. she help me get a little organized and we got extra stuff that i was missing for the baby, also she took me out for my birthday. it went by too fast as usual and i miss her already! love you mom!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Update

so i thought i would update everyone on the baby. nothings really changed. jake did pull a april fools joke on our moms and told them that i went into early labor. it was supposed to be funny, but neither of them thought it was! sorry guys. so we had a doctors appt on friday and things are good. she moves constantly! i can feel her move most of the day and night! at our last appt 2 weeks ago the doctor told me i had to gain at least 2pounds by our next appt. well i did! im up to 120.4 now. so ive gained about 5lbs since becoming pregnant. also we decided that im going to get induced, either on the 5 or 6th of june. probably the 6th. but its just the easiest since mom is coming from arizona and i dont want her to miss the brith. so i cant belive that i only have 2months left. time has gone by so fast. i get more nervous everytime i think about it, but i can wait to see our little girl.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Camden Yards

jake and i went to our first baseball fame last night. jakes friend elliott johnson got moved up from the minors to play with the tampa bay rays. so we went to camden yards hoping to see him

the field is pretty nice. but i like chase better! i just couldnt get myself to cheer on either team. i guess deep down my heart belongs to the diamond backs!
as you can tell there was nobody at the game. but they have some roudy fans!
we had pretty good seats, but since there was nobody there, and usher came and told us that could move up. so we moved down a section on the 3rd base line. they were good seats.

yes of course when the sun went down it got so cold. i wore a longsleeve shirt, sweater, jacket, gloves and a beenie.....can you tell what im drinking? yes that is hot chocolate! i couldnt believe that sold hot chocolate at the game! i miss the nice warm weather at chase stadium!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

spring break

im just now posting all these pictures. these are from when trae, stacy and parker came for a visit. it was so much fun! we went to philly, nyc and my uncles farm in jersey. even though it was really cold we still had a good time. i hope that they had a good time. i hope you guys all enjoy the pictures!

jersey and the farm!

We love NYC!

Parkers Birthday

a day in Philly!