Monday, December 26, 2011

The Zoo

so mom charlee, brynlee and i went to the zoo. it waslotsof fun! it was a really nice day and not too busy. we saw lots of animals and had a great lunch...thanks mom!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Brynlee is 4months!

can you believe it? my brynlee is 4months. she is just a joy to have in our family. she has the biggest smiles and it just warms your heart. she a pretty good baby but loves attention and loves to be held. she loves to eat and to be talked to, she hates being left alone for too long. charlee loves having a sister and is always kissing on her and letting me know when she falls asleep in the car so that i will turn down the music. shes such a blessing and were so lucky to have her in our family. we loves brynlee

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Polar Express

so we went and did polar express this year and my whole entire family went! we stayed in this great cabin in munds park and rode the train saturday night. we had tons of fun playing in the snow and playing cards. it was really great this year becuase charlee was so excited but scared all at the same time. thanks mom and dad!
charlee riding with matt down the hill...she loves her uncle matt!
charlee and daddy
going down with dad
matt taking charlee and carter
matt found this ginormous icilce on the next house down
hanging with uncle matt
me and jake
charlee, hunter, carter, ty and pax
buliding a snowman with uncle chuck
snow angel
best buddies!
pax and matt

on the train
cute faces
me and hunter
my family!
before the ride
charlee and grandpa
jake and brynlee
cutie pie

brynlee with her bell
charlee and her bell