Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy birthday Jake

jake had hi 26th birthday! he acutally stayed home sick from work...poor guy! we had fajitas for his birthday and i made a 4 layer desert which is he fav. i hope you had a good birthday honey! charlee and i love you so much!

opening his gift(new tennis shoes)

jake and his cake

charlee trying very hard not to stick her fingers in it

Sunday, February 14, 2010

fun weekend

jakes parents cam and stayed with us friday night. alisson jakes sister went to disney land and left thier youngest brooke with his parents so we had brooke with us and charlee loved it. they played and played togther.

they are saying cheese
jacobs elk, yes he won i guess they look ok, but every time i walk by i cringe.....

julie helped me with my curtain. she's amazing when it comes to sweing and helped me out a bunch, showed me some tricks. i would have never got them done with out her help thanks so much julie!

the valance that we made as well

they look great!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

a new car

jake and i finally got me a new car. jakes dad sold our taurus(thanks hy). ive been driving my moms expediton.(thanks mom) weve been looking for a couple of days now and came home with this. i know what you must be thinking a van? i said id never drive a van. we decided it would be the best car for us. we got a good deal, which is always good but we will be able to grow into it (im not pregant) and have it for a long time. i cant believe it!