Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mother in law's Talents

ever since we found out we were having a girl and i wanted to get wooden letters to spell out charlee's name paint them and hang them above the crib. i was talking to jake about it and he said that his mom could make the lettters for me, so we picked a font and talked to julie(jakes mom) and before we knew it we handed the project over to her. good thing that we did becuase she did a way better job than i would have done. jakes mom really talented at painting and doing projects like this so i am so happy i let her do it. its way more than i expected and i totally love it. i cant wait until i can see it up close and it will look totally cute in the baby's room. didnt she do a great job? i would have just painted letters pink and brown and hung them on the wall, but this is way better. thank you so much!


Jenn and Rob said...

Hey guys is Jenn (Wright) DeLancy. Don't ask me how I found your blog. Stacy doesn't even have you on her blog list yet. By the way she totally needs to update it soon. I haven't even seen you prego. You should put some pics of you and your belly. Well it was nice to see how you guys are doing. Our blog is if you guys want to check it out. Congrats on your baby girl.

Rob and Lexie said...

LOVE IT! I think letters are one of my favorite things! She did a gret job, I want pics of the nursery as soon as you get it done! D-day is coming soon, are you ready???? I can't wait!

Nunes Family said...

The letters turned out great! Your mother inlaw had great talent!