Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

today is my moms 50th Birthday! we just love her so much and are thankful for all that she does. shes the best mom. i hope that you have a good birthday!

50 things about my mom
1 shes beautiful
2 loves her grandchildren
3 sweet
4 good cook
5 stubborn
6 good wife
7 funny
8 loves to spoil us
9 works hard
10 loves shopping
11 likes to travel
12 likes sports
13 good values
14 member of church of jesus christ of latter day saints
15 supports her children
16 has red hair
17 charitable
18 loves her calling
19 loves mexican food
20 team player
21 hates her glasses being dirty
22 likes babysitting her grand kids
23 hates tomatoes
24 been married for 26 years
25 likes her hand to be rubbed
26 likes the rain
27 loves to camp
28 hates the heat
29 always there when you need her
30 gives good advice
31 good listener
32 loves pepsi
33 loves the beach
34 has too many purses
35 loves taking pictures
37 loves native new yorker
38 loves her friends
39 hates to diet but does it anyways
40 likes to work out
41 strong her in faith
42 cant live with out dvr
43 dancing with the stars is her favorite
44 loves to garden
45 christmas is her favorite holiday
46 likes to can food
47 organized
48 smart
49 likes playing cards
50 doesnt look like shes 50!
how that was hard....j/k love you mom!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shawn Michael Jones

shawn made his appreance on april 2 at 101am! were so excited that he is here! he came in at 8lbs8oz 21inches long! he's so sweet charlee is so excited to have another cousin, she wanted to hold him so bad! i cant wait till they can play together! congrats chuck and christina!