Thursday, January 24, 2008

Belly Pictures

so here are some belly pictures. im starting to show a little bit more. in most of my shirts you can tell that im pregnant. sometime i just look fat though. but i thought you guys might enjoy these.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Girl!

Its a girl! here are some pictures of our little charlee! it was so fun at the u/s she was trying to pull at her feet and was moving the whole time, you could see she was kicking as well. it was so fun seeing all her little parts. the tech showed us the head, kidneys, spine, shoulders, arms and legs. everything looks good which is a relief to know that shes ok, sometimes i would worry that i was doing something wrong. hopefully i will be able to feel her move soon. it was so cool to see. were so excited to finally know, now i can go and buy all those baby clothes!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

what a sunday afternoon....

so today was a bad day. it started like usual jake and i had slept til about 10 and he got up and made breakfeast. then we watched tv for the rest of the afternoon. jake had fallen asleep and i got up to get something to eat. it woke him up and i asked him to take out the trash....when he did he noticed that our car was gone! yes gone, not in its parking spot. right away we thought it was stolen. i started freaking out like usual and jake called the police and we found out that it had been towed. jake had been working on the car and parked it vertically in the spaces and when he was done he left it like that he didnt repark it straight. so early this morning a towing company that drive around 24hours towed our jake. jake was soooooo mad. so he called a cab company to come get him and to make matters worse the guy from the towing company was a complete jerk. so it made jake even mader. it took the cab guy like 3hours to get here. jake just left. and the best part is that its going to cost us a cab ride which its about a 20min drive to the towing company and another 230$ to get the car back!!! what a day....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Its a..... we went to the radiology place to get the u/s done and they tech told me that they couldnt do the exam. the order that the doctor wrote was for 2weeks from the 4th. so they wouldnt do it. so now i have to wait until the 18th to find out what were having. let me tell you i was pretty upset. i just want to know. then while we were r/s the appt a gas line broke and they wouldnt let us leave. we were parked in the back of the place where the line broke and they wouldnt let us start our cars so we had to wait about an hour and a half to leave. we walked down to the mcdonalds to pass some time and get breakfeast. so i will let you all know next friday, that seems so far away!

Friday, January 4, 2008

baby news

so we went to the doctor today. i have acutally lost weight not gained any. im not surprised though i have hard time eating anything. but everything is good. the doctor did a fetal heart beat and its little heart beat was 150 which is really good for those of you that dont know. so i go next week to find out what were having. so i will let all you know. were really excited to find out, jake really wants a boy but i dont really mind what it is im just ready to know! i want to start buying clothes and all that baby stuff but its hardwhen you dont know what your having. i hope you all have good day. we miss you all.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

spending time with family

home for the holidays

being home for two weeks was great. the weeks went by too fast. but we had a blast when we were there. jakes family didnt know that we were coming before christmas they thought we were coming after. so it was a great surprise when we showed up early. we spent the first couple of days shopping and seeing old co-workers and just hanging out with family. we got to spend christmas eve and morning with jakes family. it was great fun, jakes little sister and brother got us up at 630am. then we went back to mesa and spent christmas night with my family. we played cards and hung out together. as usuall we had to have a taco night. so on friday we went out the britani's and my uncle glen and his family came over and my dad made my grandmas tacos. oh how we love grandmas tacos. jake and i went out there early and got to spend time with the boys riding thier bikes they got for christmas. we had to catch a late plane and like the first time i cried. i just couldnt help myself. i just wasnt ready to leave. i thought i was done crying untill my nephew hunter said "im going to miss you aunt ashley" and i just broke down. it was a long flight home, we didnt get in untill 9 the next morning. we crashed until about 230pm. i cant wait till i come back which will be at the end of feb for my sisters brith of her fourth yes i said fourth boy.

christmas at grandma momo's house

we spent some time in thatcher and had a great time. the kids had a blast on christmas morning they got tons of toys.

amazing jakes

we went to amazing jakes and the kids had a great time