Thursday, January 2, 2014

Koree jane Morris

koree jane morris joined us 9/18/2013! i started labor about 200am and it came on fast and hard my contractions were every 2-3mins by 500am when we got to the hospital. unfortunately i was only at 5cm at that time but i was in pain! they admitted me pretty quickly and got my epidural! i was in heaven when it kicked in. by 10 i was an 8 and at 11 i was 10cm. i took me a while to get koree out because she came sunny side up which is harder to deliver. everything went smooth and she came out 7lbs 13 oz. she was beautiful and perfect. i felt pretty good and we went home on friday.. we cant imagine our lives with out her!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

happy birthday brynlee!

brynlee elizabeth morris was brought to us on 8/22/11 and she just turned 2!
she came out fiesty and still is to this day. she loves stuffed animals, mickey mouse, food, and her grandpa! she keeps up laughing everyday. she is happy and sweet but wont do anything she doesnt 
want to. she keeps us on our toes and we couldnt love her anymore! she wants to be one of the big kids, copies her sister and just wants to do everything herself. she sleeps in a big girl bed now, brushes her teeth by herself and can talk in full sentences. we cant wait to see what else she will do. 
we lobe you brynlee boo!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

well my baby started kindergarten today! i cant believe that this day is here already not only has the last 5 years gone by fast but the last couple of months have flown by! charlee is definitely ready and was so excited! shes been talking about kindergarten for about 6months now. shes so smart and beautiful i cant wait for all the learning shes going to do! she can already count to 100 add small numbers, figure out patterns, loves to figure out how much things cost and give me a hard time when im wrong! even tho she was excited i think she was nervous when jake and i left and i had to leave because i started tearing up! im so excited for this next new adventure in her life! i love you charlee!
brynlee and "sissy" she misses her too!
mom and charlee

i love her face in this one!
just a picture to show how grown up she really is!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

baby #3!

wow! its been forever since i posted. i always mean to and then i never do. so things have been good. busy just keeping up with life. we found out in feb that we are expecting baby #3! these pictures were done at 8weeks. im 17weeks now and things are looking good my due date is sept 18th. i was majorly sick but i think its over now. we find out what were having on april 30th so just a few more weeks! i cant wait. im ready to start thinking about the nursery and getting things organized. were both hoping its a boy but as long as its healthy it doesnt really matter. we feel blessed to have another one on the way!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Brynlee!

can you believe that brynlee is one today!?! time is going by so fast! i can remeber vivdly the day she was born and was just so happy to have her finally! she staring walking around 11months and is all over the place now. she is loud spunky spritied, loves attention, like to be held, has the biggest blue eyes and prettiest smile! she makes the funniest faces that always make me laugh. she melts my heart eveyday. were just so thankful that she is healthy and is our brynlee boo! so here are some pictures to celebrate her birth! we love you!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

my sister took some family pics for us. here are some cute ones