Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas

i hope everyone had a great christmas! we sure did. it was a late night getting home from williams christmas eve but it turned out to be a good day. charlee got showered with gifts this year. she loved to open each present and move on to the next. she got some pretty great things. this is my favorite time of year and its easy to forget what the season is all about. im so grateful for the true meaning of christmas and i try to focus on that each year. im so grateful for everything we have and the family ive been able to spend time with. my camera died so i didnt get that many pictures.

charlees rocking horse, butterfly and playground set
charlee in her new apron

on her rocking horse

chuck and christina

The Polar Express

we went and did the polar express train on christmas eve this year. it was really fun. you get on the train in williams, you get to wear your pjs have hot chocolate and cookies and sing songs, then santa comes and gives you a bell. it was super cold and tons of snow on the ground so it made it feel a lot like christmas.
jake me charlee and the conductor

mom and dad

cute family

charlee looking out the window at the north pole with grandpa

getting her bell
getting off the train

Grand Canyon

we went to the grand canyon this year. jake has never been there and i havent been in a really long time. we went with my aunt and uncle who are in town. it was really cool. it was cold too. there was lots of snow on the ground.

mom and dad at hermits rest

jake and i

me and mom

jake, me and charlee

olivia, oj and austin

the whole gang

Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas crafts

so my sister got this idea from another blog and we decided to make them. thye turned out pretty good. i need to get a wreath holder so i can hang mine up.



Erie PA

charlee and i went o erie to see my sister and her family. we spend thanksgiving with them and it was so nice. it was a long day of flying and it was a great surprise to see my dad there. he wasnt supposed to be but surprised us all. hunter came running up to me and gave a big hug. it was such a good time. i miss them so much already! its so hard being so far away! i know charlee misses them too. she had such a good time with them. carter showed her a few things, like how to climb on chairs to get stuff off the table and counters. evertime i turned around i had to get them down. the wrestled, played and got hurt but it was a great time hanging with my mom and sister, crafting and shopping. i love you guys!

hunter getting ready to go to school. he didnt want to go, as you could tell by the look on his face
paxton, charlee and carter

all the kids looking cute

me, pax and ty

arent they so cute

so precious

hunter, mom and dad

mom and dad

dad and the boys

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

gosh i can believe that its been a month since my last post. these weeks have gone by sooooo fast i cant believe thanksgiving is already over. im in erie right now my sister and her boys. its so great seeing them. im so thankful that i get to spend this time with them. we did have a great surprise. my dad wasnt supposed to be here with us, but suprised us all by getting here before my mom and i got here. we had no idea, infact no one did. it was a great surprise! we went shopping this morining getting us at 400am! man was it crazy. erie isnt as small as i thought it was, and theres only one target, walmart, bestbuy and sears. so the lines were super crazy long. if it wasnt for my moms quick thinking we would have been in a target line for like 2hours! my mom stood in line while we shopped at walmart, so that was nice. its been pretty cold. its supposed to snow in the next couple of days, but its been raining a lot. i couldnt belive when people had flip flops on and light sweaters. i had a scarf, big heavy jacket, and gloves! well i hope that everyons thanksgiving was a good as ours.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

charlee was a lady bug this year. i made her wings and tu-tu she lookes really cute, i did have her hair done but when i put her in the car and drove to the trunk or treat, she had totally ripped them out. needless to say i was pretty mad. but we had a fun night anways

her wings
my cute nephews

me and charlee, i was a cat

Thursday, October 22, 2009

U2 Concert

the doctor i work for known as the "rock dock" got my office tickets to the U2 concert. it was great fun. even though it took us 2hours to get there because of traffic. we had great seats in the 5th row. the put on a great concert, thanks again dockie!

me and abi

me and lyn


abi and ana

our house

so these are some pictures of our house being built. they were from a while ago since i didnt have my camera last time we were there. they now have the windows in, air ducts, and have pre wired the house. i think that they are close to puting sheet rock up and stuccoing the house now. they think we will be in before christmas which is very exciting!

master bedroom

back of the house

front view

Monday, October 19, 2009

Scnepf farms

on saturday night my parents jake and i went to schnepf farms, we had a great time.

charlee loved the rides

girls on the hay ride

feeding the reindeer

family picture

charlee wasnt so sure about the goats getting too close to her

daddy feedin the goats

charlee loved the pumpkins

playing around