Monday, February 4, 2008

car accident

so jake and i got into a car accident on friday night. we were on a 2 lane highway and someone in front of us was making a left hand turn so it stops everyone behind him. so as traffic stopped someone re-ended us. we were both wearing our seat belts. so we pulled over and called the police. neither of us were really hurt. the seatbelt did hurt the top of my stomache, so i called my mom and the doctor and both of them told me to go er. i really didnt want to but we went anyway. when we got there things started out good, they checked us in and triage me pretty fast, but then we had to wait 3 hours to go back. we got an ultrasound done and everything looked good. by this time it was around 130am. when we got back from ultrasound the doctor finally came in and did an exam. and not one of those nice ones. but im not going to go into details. since the hospital we went to didnt have a labor and delivery the doctor called thier sister hospital to get an opinion from a obgyn. that doctor wanted me to get observed on a fetal monitor for a few hours. so around 230am the called an ambulance and they transfered me to snai hospital about 25mins away. to make things worse jake and i were on our way to dinner and we didnt make it so neither of us had eaten since lunch time. we were both starving and exhausted. luckily our nurse diane...who was great...found us some extra turkey sandwhiches in a frige. they were the best sandwhiches that we have ever eaten!. when we got to the snai they put me on a mointor and the nurse checked me out. we waited about an hour for the ob doctor to see us and then she sent us home. the baby was good. normal heart beat and she was kicking a lot. by the time we had gotten home it was 500am! i couldnt believe that a simple trip to the er turned out to be an all night affair. because it was so dark at the time of the accident, we couldnt see any damage, but when jake checked the car on saturday he noticed that our hitch is totally broken. the other guys car was pretty smashed up too. he was driving a honda civic. were just thankful that no one was really hurt and the baby is ok.

Friday, February 1, 2008

just writing.....

so not much has been going on. but i thought i should put something up. things are going good. jake and i finally got our d.l and maryland plates finally. its official....were residents of maryland. jake goes to work every morning and i stay at home not doint much. i would go and take walks but its been so cold. who wants to be outside when its only 25degrees! im finishing my coding course,i took the first part of the final exam yesterday and i think that did pretty good. the second part isnt graded but they still make you do it and i have to work on that today. ill let you all know if i pass. i have to get 85% or better. we went to the doctor today and everything is good. heart beat is still around the same and im measuring at 23inches. i havent gain much weight. im at 114. atleast i didnt loose weight this time. so im going to be in az next week and im so excited. i will miss my husband, but i wont miss maryland. again im going to spend time eating at all the places they dont have here, jack n the box, mexican food, and sonic. we did find one place that we like to go to its called bob evans, its like a village inn or ihop. the food is really good but like everyother place in this place the service stinks. we havent been to one resturant were we have gotten a good waiter. the food is always good, but the service usually stinks. so i guess i should stop writing so i dont write a whole novel. cant wait to see everyone. have a good day.