Monday, March 31, 2008

Virgina Beach

dad was in virgina beach he was doing the national highschool wrestling tournament this weekend and he got us a free room at a hotel, so jake and i drove 4hours down to the beach.
on the way just driving down the freeway and over the trees we spotted this temple. im not sure which one it is. we werent sure if we were still in maryland or in va, but the more i think about it, it could be the washington dc temple as well. it was the coolest thing. we didnt get a chance to stop by, i was hopeing to on the way back but didnt get the chance.
we stayed at the atlantic sands hotel and it was right on the beach. this is our view from our room. it was so cold and windy that we didnt really get to do anything. we went to a few shops but it was too cold to walk around for a long time.
this is dad at the tournament, doing his thing. he did a really good job!
jake and i just chilling at the tournament.

this is right before we left the tournmanet, just a cute picture with dad.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

we went to my uncles house in jersey for easter this weekend. we had a lot of fun. like usual they feed us really well and theres always something to do. we love spending time with them and annemarie's family.
this is austin at the first egg hunt that they had at the church across the street.

these are olivia's and austin's cusins from left to right, olivia, maxine, tanner, audrey, austin, roco and kevin. this is the egg hunt that annemarie did there were eight kids and she had 378 eggs! all candy filled eggs, needless to say the kids got tons of candy, like it was halloween! they had a great time. jake and annemarie hid the eggs at thier family farm.
austin showing off the cupcake that he made into a bunny
olivia made one too!

Washington Dc

so Trae, Stacy and Parker came out for a visit. our first adventure was washington d.c. it was a perfect day to go, the weather was cold in the morning but warmed up. we went to most of the monuments, saw the white house but mostley just walked around. it was really fun.

washington cont....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Best Friends

so these are my great friends from left to right, alissa, kellyn(shes having a boy), me, lauren, and ashley. i dont know what i would do without these girls. we've been friends since highschool and i love them to death. we always have so much fun together. im so glad that we have keep in touch and have remained such good firends. miss you guys!!


so we got our crib in the mail last week and jacob put it together on sunday. i got bored today so i decided to put the bedding on today, and it looks really cute so i had to take a picture of it. we still have to get a changing table and a few other things. my mother in law is going to make me wooden letters that im going to paint and hang up so ill take another picture when that all happens. we cant wait for our little girl to arrive. its getting so close i cant belive it. i only have less than 3 months!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

here are some pictures from the trip home. this is carters great great grandma holding baby carter. shes 94 and im glad that she got to see another one of ther great great grandkids. i just hope that she will be around and get to see little charlee.

paxton loves to hold carter. he would cry untill you let him hold him. he just loves his baby brother. he loves giving him kisses also.
the boys love playing outside.
this is paxtons favorite horse.

Field Trip

i took hunter on his field trip to safeway. the let the kids see the whole store, they even let them go in the freezers and into the bakery dept. they had a blast. and i had fun too, getting to spend the day with hunter was so much fun and i even got to eat lunch with him afterward back at school.

at the end of the trip thanking the manager for leting them come to the store.

Baby Shower

so my mom threw me a baby shower while i was in az. i want to thank her for the work that she put it too it, and i want to thank everyone that came. here are a few pics from the day.
these are my highschool friends, alisssa, ashley and kellyn(she's pregnant too). i just love them!
this is my mother in law julie holding brooke my little niece, and lyn who i used to work with.

this is the diaper cake that my sister made me for the shower, it was the center piece on the table, she even made the stand that its on! isnt she talented?

Baby Carter

this is my new little nephew Carter Hugh Nunes. isnt he so cute?
grandma holding the baby for the first time.
this is the new proud family. hunter, tyson, and paxton love thier new little brother. the couldnt get enough of the little guy. the loved holding and kissing him.
proud grandpa! (carters middle name is hugh after grandpa)

this is the proud mamma! doesnt she look good?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

home again

so i know i havent posted anything for a while and i promise to put up pictures, but i just got home from arizona after being there a month. it was a great trip and i miss my family already. ill post some pictures in a couple of days. trae and stacy are here and were going to new york! so ill post pics after that. just want to say hi to my little nephews and tell them i love them. it will be a long time till i see them again. also to my mom and dad for all the did for me when i was in town. i love them so much and i dont know what i would do without them. well if i write any more mushy stuff ill start crying. so i know the blog is boring put i promise ill get some new pics up soon.