Saturday, June 28, 2008


mom and dad left today, it was a very sad day. they have been here for 3weeks and went home today. these are some last pictures that we took. i dont know what i would do with out them. they have taken care of so much while they were here, laundry, meals and cleaning, but most of all just helping with the baby and good company. they were such a big help, i dont know what im gonna do with myself. i havent had to do much in the last 3weeks. i just want to know how much i love them and i cant wait to see them again in august.

charlee is sure going to miss you!
this is my dad and i in front of the diner that we ate at today. we both like to watch diners, drive ins and dives, so my dad looked up some places and we chose this one call the happy day diner. it was pretty good.

Fort Mchenry

mom dad and i went to fort mchenry. it was pretty cool. i didnt know much about it so it was cool to go and see what it was all about.

dad and i in front of the fort
this is a model of fort mchenry
a picture of francis scott key who wrote the star spangle banner.
charlee was such a good girl, she sleept practically the whole time. isnt she cute?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby girl

this is charlee whith her grandpa and great uncle oj. oj(he is my dads older brother) and his family came down from jersey and we went to lunch yest. we played cards and just hung out.
charlee loves to sit in the corner of the couch. she just looks around and is amazed by everything. she will sit for a while, she will even fall asleep. shes such a good baby, i couldnt ask for a better baby girl.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


these are for my sister britani, she wanted to but a bow on charlee's head when she was in the hosp, but my husband wouldnt let her. my mom bought these bows and they are too cute. just wanted to show them to you brit!

Friday, June 20, 2008

just some pictures

just some random cuteness, she likes to sleep on her boppy.
this is austin and olivia holding charlee.
isnt she sweet?
daddys girl

Thursday, June 19, 2008

To hell and back

what a title buts its true! i ended up back in the hospital on monday afternoon. saturday night i woke up not breathing so well, sunday night it happened again but worse. i had tightness in my chest, shortness of breath and hyperventilating, i was also really swollen, jake called my feet "elephant feet". jake and i decided that i need to go to the er. when we got there, they thought that i had a pulmonary emblolism(a blood clot in the lung) and congestive heart failure. so i got admitted and they did a chest x-ray, ct scan, and a echocardiam gram(an u/s of the heart). it was pretty scary. at one point i had like 5 doctors standing around me trying to decide what to do. based on my exams i didnt have a PE, but i did have fluid around my lungs. they deicded to give me lasics to get the fluid out of my lungs and get my swelling to go down. they put me in the ICU for 2nights. eventually my ob diagnoised me with pre-ecclampsia and anemia. my blood pressure was also really high at one point it was 166/101, which is like outrageous for a person like me. they gave me magnesium sulfate to help with that. they moved me down to the ob floor since i was am postpartum. my blood pressure would go up and down and now they have me on a bloodpressure med. so the last 2weeks have been pretty scary, its no fun being in the hosp for that long and not getting to see your new baby. i want to thank everyone for all their prayers in my behalf. also for my parents and husband. i couldnt have gotten in through without them. they have been taking care of charlee, doing laundry, and cleaning the house. also my husband who came and sat at the hosp with me everyday and taking such good care of our little girl. she defintaly a daddy's girl! i never imagined that this would happen, def not the experience that i wanted after i had a baby.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


we took some pictures at the hosp and you can go and look at them. theres only 4 of them. my mom bought the dress and its too cute. the web site is so go and look.

Jaundice Baby

so charlee has had some jaundice. she had to be put on the lights. we had to take her to the doctor today and get her checked out and they did another test and told us that her billi has gone down. im so relieved that it went down, we can take her off the lights now, but we have to go back to the doctor on monday to get her checked again, to make sure shes doing good.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our baby girl

we finally got to bring out little girl home today. we were in the hospital all week long. i know you've all been waiting for some pictures of little charlee. my labor actually went pretty well, my epidural worked great and i progressed rather quickly. it all went down hill when i hit 9cm and labor kinda stalled. charlee was turned the wrong way, and her heart rate was going up and down. after pushing for a little while, the doctor decided that i might not be able to push her out so i had to go into the OR. i tried pushing some more and then the doctor decided that i had to have a c-section. the last thing that i wanted. so charlee was born at 7:49pm. after going through what i did my dad and brother flew in that night and got here the next morning, my uncle picked them up from the hosp and im so thankful that they could be there. also i want to thank my home teachers nate and james that came and gave me a blessing. so here are pictures while we were in the hosp.

my sister in law stacy gave charlee this hat and i love it, its a little big for her now, but its too cute!
these are the proud grandparents of charlee, finally a little girl to add to the bunch
this is all of us, chuck, dad, britani, jake mom, me and baby charlee. i dont know what i would do with out thier support. i couldnt have gotten through with out them.
proud mamma and papa. i acutally got out of bed this day. it took a while
our sweet little girl! shes so cute and such a blessing in our lives. she def looks like jake and his side of the family with her chubby cheeks.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She is Here!

Charlee Rae Morris is here, 7lbs 12oz and 21 1/4 long! She came yesterday on the 9th.
Mother and baby are doing great. Congrats Guys!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So Cute!!!

so i wanted to show off the letters that my mother in law did for charlee's room. she did a great job and they look great.....isnt she so talented. so the baby is coming tomorrow so ill get pics up as soon as i can.....wish us luck!

Baugher's Farm...Strawberry Pickin'

on saturday we went strawberry pickin'. lori and nate miller told us about this farm that we could go and pick our own fruit! we decided that it would be fun to go. so we called up nate and lori and we went to baughers farm. this is us with our finished box of strawberries. it was great fun but it was really humid and hot, good thing we went in the morning!
jake doing most of the work for our box, i did my fair share but i had a hard bending over!
this is my sister britani picking her berries! she's doing a good job!
mom showing off her hard work!

nate and lori with thier strawberries. thanks for going with us we had fun!

What a Surprise....

so i was totally surprised when my sister walked through the door on friday afternoon. jake and my family have been keeping this secret from me for 2weeks. on friday jake worked from home and told me that he had to go to the office for a "meeting" and he was really picking her up from the airport! i had no idea that she was coming, what a great surprise! im so thankful that she could be here. it will be great to have her there in the delivery room.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

no baby....other visitors

so no baby yet, still at 2cm. yes ill probably be a 2 all week and end up having my baby on my induction date of the 9th. i think shes too happy in there, still moves a ton, no pains just some feet swelling. mom and dad will be here soon. my mom gets here on tomorrow and dad comes on the 11th. i cant wait to see them. it will be great to have them here. arent they a cute couple in this picture. this is at carters blessing. i wish they were bringing the boys with them too. i miss them and growing up way to fast.