Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Jersey here we come

our vacation is finally here! i cant wait to see my sister and my nephews that i havent seen since thanksgiving! its going to be so much going to need a vacation from my vacation! pictures to come when i get back...dont miss me too much!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Paxton!

my nephew pax turned 4! i cant believe how grown up he is! hes the cutest rug rat ever!
i hope you had a good day. we love you and miss you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 and more baseball....

last week jake and i spent some time at the baseball field...jake went 4 times. tuesday we got to go as a date night while my mom watched charlee...thanks mom! then wed nigth jake went with my brother to the game. my dad got some friday night tickets from a friend of his and all of us went. then my dad called sat and another friend of his has extra tickets to the game and jacob went again...i opted to stay home i had enough of baseball that week!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

charlee rae is two

so i took charlee to her 2year old check up today....shes doing great....the dr did find a small, faint heart murmmur....but she said its nothing to worry about right now...when she gets a fever you would be able to hear it more....but basically all it is is hearing her blood rush through her veins, i forget what she acutally called it... she said that we need to take charlee to a dentist to get checked out between now and 6months just to see how she is doing. so that will be our next adventure. i just see her now screaming while the dr is trying to look at her teeth. so did get one shot today which she did not like! here are some random picture of our baby girl....

weight: 25lbs
hight: 32inches
25 percentile

where she got her start maryland

disneyland 09 i thin she was 8months...look at that face!

bath time fun....she can say "baf" and loves the water

at the zoo..looking cool in her glasses....


I cant believe that charlee is two! where has the time gone? shes so big and independent. we just love her so much and are so glad she is ours. she talking so much and loves to say" where it go?" she is so happy and loves to laugh. i think shes born to be a rockstar, loves to listen, dance and sing. she will stop even in a parking lot and dance. its so cute to see she shake her thang! we threw a party for her last sat. thank you to everyone who came! we had a blast with a water balloon fight, swimming, cake and gifts. we love you charlee

opening gifts

yummy cake!

great grandma and shawn

the beautiful cake lyn made...she made charlees cake last year too...i guess we will have to make it a traditon
i made this lovley creation....and it tasted good too.

chuck and shawn
grandpa and the birthday girl

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial day at the lake

we went to canyon lake on monday. it was really busy but ended up being really fun. charlee loved the water and had no fear she thought she could do anything! we ate and swam then came home and played some card with my parents. thanks for going with us...i hope everyone else had a great day. and thank you to all those who serve and protect our country!