Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day BBQ

so for memorial day we were invited to joe and lindsey's house for a bbq. (for you that dont know iwe found out a few months ago and joe and lori dastrup live out here and were in the same ward.)it was a great day for a bbq. they have a great deck outside of thier house and it was great to sit out there and it wasnt 110degrees! i forgot my camera so i dont have any pictures, but i would like to thank them for having us over. lori, her husband and some other couples were there too. there was a little girl named avery and she was the cutest little thing. we had a great time! to my surprise jeremy skinner and his family came by too, i didnt know that they were out here. they are in a different ward, but its such a small world that they all live out here and its great to get to know them all over again. jake was the only one not going to dental school. anyways, i also want to say that im thankful for the soliders that are serving and the ones that have served before us to perserve our freedom. so i only have 2 weeks left and have an appt on friday so ill update every and maybe you;ll get a picture of my huge belly!!


Nate and Lori said...

We are so glad that you guys came. It was a lot of fun and you're right, the weather was absolutely perfect.

mark and jaelynne said...

Hey Jake-
It's good to hear from you! Yeah, we are living in NYC for the summer doing some summer sales work. I am doing it while my wife works in the office in N. Jersey. We are here from 2 more months or so and then we will be heading to Denver to live for at least the next 4 years. Congrats on the coming baby, that is crazy you're going to be a daddy. Keep in touch