Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i got tagged

1. What is his name? jacob leon morris
2. Who eats more? totally jacob
3. Who said "I love you" first? jacob did but i said it back that night
4. Who is taller? jacob totally is he's 6'1 and im only 5'1
5. Who is smarter? jacob is but i have to say i keep up with him
6. Who is more sensitive? i am! i cry at just about everything
7. Who does the laundry? I do but he helps out every once in a while
8. Who pays the bills? he does
9. Who cooks more? i do definatley, but he likes to help
10. Who is more stubborn? um...thats acutally hard one...i think i am
11. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? jacob usually it
12. Who has more siblings? he does, i only have 3 and he comes from 7
13. Who wears the pants in the relationship? he thinks that he does
14. What do you like to do together? jacob and i have a lot of differences in what we like, but we have fun doing whatever together. camping, sports, traveling
15. Who eats more sweets? definatley me! almost everyday i crave something sweet
16. Guilty Pleasures? he loves to hunt and play poker
17. How did you meet? in college, we had a night class together. i was sitting in a chair by the class room and he came and asked me "did you do the homework for today?" classic line to start talking to a girl!
18. Who asked whom out first? jake did, we went out to sonic for some cokes after class
19. Who kissed who first? jake did, well i turned my head and planted one right on me
20. Who proposed? he did, we went looking for rings and i found one that i liked. we went to thatcher to see his family and he told me that he couldnt get the ring. but he took me out to the desert, where they like to hunt....i cant say the name becuase he doesnt like for people to know where they hunt...we had a pinic lunch and he suprised me with the ring
21. His best features and qualities? he's so good to me and would do anything for me. hes sensitvie, loyal, and has a big heart.he's such a great dad, and he hardly tells me no when i want something.

i love you honey!

Monday, October 27, 2008

mother natures farm

so we went to a pumpkin patch to have some fun last weekend. the kids got to pick out thier own pumpkin and then decorate it. we brought our own pinic lunch. even though the night started out warm, it ened up being a cool night and of course we went and played cards afterwards.

grammy j and carter
me and brit

charlee and some pumpkins

pax and his pumpkin he picked out

hunter and his pumpkin

me, charlee and jake

christina, brit, mom and me



halloween party

my brother in laws mom threw a halloween party on saturday night. the kids bobbed for apples, there was pumpkin stew and homemade rootbeer. it was great fun and the all the kids looked great in thier costumes.

grandpa, carter the pumpkin and charlee the ballerina
ty-optimus prime, pax-spiderman, charlee-ballerina, hunter-wolverine. they look great

i made charlees tutu and it turned out pretty cute.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 months Old!

i cant believe that my baby girl is four months old! shes getting so big and we just love her to death. i had a rough delievery but she sure has been worth it. shes such a good baby. shes been sleeping through the night four about 2months now, she loves to talk and kick her legs. shes so easy going and just goes with the flow of things. i took her to the doctors yesterday and her are her stats... oh and when i was waiting for the doctor she rolled over! 3 times! i could believe it. she had been trying for the last couple of weeks but hasnt been able to get all the way over. well she did it out of the blue yesterday, it totally surprised me.

weight: 14lbs 8oz (chunky monkey!)
height: 24inches
shes in 75th percentile for her weight and 50th for her height, she only weighs 3lbs lighter than her 7 month old cousin carter. crazy huh? so here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

just a couple of hours old. she looks like she is chinese
the proud parents, look at how swollen i am!
bath time
this was at the dbacks/nationals game when we wer on tv. she was about a month old
at hershey park, just sleeping away
she loves her daddy
she sits up so good in her bumbo seat
some tummy time, she hold her head up so well

we love you charlee!
we went to the zoo since th boys had some days off from school. it was lots of fun and the boys enjoyed seeing all those animals

the whole gang
like usuall charlee did great!
paxton looking at the sheep
hunter on the horse swing
trying to find the frogs

Happy Birthday Grandma

we had my grandma over for her birthday on sunday. we dinner cake and ice cream! love you grandma!

charlee and grandma snell
four generations of girls.
hunter charlee and grandma

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Thatcher, confrence and family

so we went to thatcher this weekend, to see jakes brother ike play football and spend some time with his family. we had a great time, we ate, played, and watched confrence.

this is charlee on the trip there, shes so good in her carseat. she slept most of the way and only fused for like 5 mins.
this is charlee, beth and jakes mom.
me and stacy
charlee and her momo
jakes oldest sister, alisson, and her youngest brooke. what a face!
this is the whole fam! all 21 of us. theres four generations is this picture
jakes parents and all the grandkids.
charlee and her gg(this is jakes dads mom)

jake, charlee, grandma and hyrum