Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas

i know this post is pretty late but every time i thought about doing it i put it off, see my computer is kinda slow and i hate posting from here. anways we had a great christmas. this year was my parents year so christmas eve we always have mexican food, look and likes and play cards. theres this block of houses that always put up really great lights and weve being going there forever it seems like. of course christmas day we opened up gifts had breakfeast, watched movies, ate dinner and of course played with our gifts. we didnt go all out this year jake, got a pair of shoes and a calendar of charlee from me and i got a pair of jeans and a new dryer! i wasnt expecting it at all. he totally surprised me. they did a good job of hiding it untill christmas eve i found it! charlee got some toys and clothes. we also got some great gifts from our familes. my mom and dad got us cooking classes, jakes got us clothes and a piece to my nativity scene. all in all we had a great time and were so thankful that we could spend time with our families and remember why we celebrate christmas

brit mom and me at christmas lights

hunter in front of one of the displays

roasting marshmellows

me and dad

picture of the nunes fam

jake, charlee and me
all the kids in thier christmas pjs dont they look cute!

charlee playing with her toys

chuck, christina and charlee

opening presents on christmas day

playing cards

we went to thatcher on friday to spend some time with jakes family. while we were there it snowed! it was really cool. thanks to trae and stacy for letting us stay with you and being the most best cooks!


ike and jake

charlee and allison

charlee and me

me and beth

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

lights, trains and santa

so this past weekend my sister and her three older boys, my mom and charlee and i went to go see santa at snchef farms. we went to breakfest at dennys first, we got to go on a train ride and see santa. it was a lot of fun. later that day we went to the temple to see the lights with trae and stacy my brother and sister in law

hunter and ty on the playground

me and charlee on the slide
charlee on the tractor bike

brit, hunter, tyson and paxton

pax, charlee and mom

pax and brit on the train

me and charlee

ty and mom

ty, hunter, pax and santa

charlee and santa

me, jake and charlee in front on the temple

this is stacys sisters little boy bryce. he was in love with charlee

jake and charlee

charlee and parker

parker and charlee. they just woke up a few minutes before this

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Suns game

the doctors i work for bought everyone at the office tickets to go the suns, kincks game. it was really fun and the suns won!

angie, lyn and me

abi and me

angie and lyn

Baltimore, Jersey and fun

jake had to work in baltimore this past week. so on thursday charlee and i flew up so we could go to his christmas party. it fun being back for a while, alothough it was really cold about 30degrees. we also go to visit jersey to see my uncle oj and his family. we sure do miss them and it was great to see them again~

carrie and david. jake works with carrie

jake and i

this is jakes boss scott and delois who he works with as well

i have to give a big thanks to nate and lori miller for whatching charlee while we were at the party! thank you thank you! we sure did appreciate it i know you probably had better things to do than babysit!

this is olivia and charlee. olivia was so good with charlee always holding her and playing with her
austin and charlee

olivia jake and charlee

oliva oj and austin. this is us at the amish market. they have the best food

olivia, austin and charlee

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

charlee is 6 months old!

charlee is 6months already and i cant believe it! shes such a joy in our lives. we couldnt imagine our lives with out her. she make a smile everyday. shes learing to crawl and will soon. she can sit up pretty well and i think that shes starting to teeth. i took her to the doctor on tuesday and she weights 16lbs! and is 26inches long in the 60th percentile. shes getting so big! here are just a few pictures of our litle girl

smiling big

she loves to sit in this

looking pretty