Monday, October 6, 2008

Thatcher, confrence and family

so we went to thatcher this weekend, to see jakes brother ike play football and spend some time with his family. we had a great time, we ate, played, and watched confrence.

this is charlee on the trip there, shes so good in her carseat. she slept most of the way and only fused for like 5 mins.
this is charlee, beth and jakes mom.
me and stacy
charlee and her momo
jakes oldest sister, alisson, and her youngest brooke. what a face!
this is the whole fam! all 21 of us. theres four generations is this picture
jakes parents and all the grandkids.
charlee and her gg(this is jakes dads mom)

jake, charlee, grandma and hyrum


James and Amy said...

Charlee is getting so big!!! She is such a cutie.

Nate and Lori said...

you look so happy ashley. I'm glad that you're loving AZ. Charlee has gotten so big...hard to believe that you've been gone for a few months already.