Monday, October 27, 2008

mother natures farm

so we went to a pumpkin patch to have some fun last weekend. the kids got to pick out thier own pumpkin and then decorate it. we brought our own pinic lunch. even though the night started out warm, it ened up being a cool night and of course we went and played cards afterwards.

grammy j and carter
me and brit

charlee and some pumpkins

pax and his pumpkin he picked out

hunter and his pumpkin

me, charlee and jake

christina, brit, mom and me




James and Amy said...

What a cute picture of Charlee! That flower headband is adorable. How fun to have a sweet little girl to dress up! That is the only thing I will have to look forward to later when we have a future kid. Don't think dressing our little boy up in dresses and cute headbands is quite what we want to do. :)

Nate and Lori said...

although it looks like you had fun, i think you would have had a lot more fun at Baughers! J/K I swear some day I will stop razzing you about leaving us.