Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 months Old!

i cant believe that my baby girl is four months old! shes getting so big and we just love her to death. i had a rough delievery but she sure has been worth it. shes such a good baby. shes been sleeping through the night four about 2months now, she loves to talk and kick her legs. shes so easy going and just goes with the flow of things. i took her to the doctors yesterday and her are her stats... oh and when i was waiting for the doctor she rolled over! 3 times! i could believe it. she had been trying for the last couple of weeks but hasnt been able to get all the way over. well she did it out of the blue yesterday, it totally surprised me.

weight: 14lbs 8oz (chunky monkey!)
height: 24inches
shes in 75th percentile for her weight and 50th for her height, she only weighs 3lbs lighter than her 7 month old cousin carter. crazy huh? so here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

just a couple of hours old. she looks like she is chinese
the proud parents, look at how swollen i am!
bath time
this was at the dbacks/nationals game when we wer on tv. she was about a month old
at hershey park, just sleeping away
she loves her daddy
she sits up so good in her bumbo seat
some tummy time, she hold her head up so well

we love you charlee!


Nunes Family said...

We are so glad she is in our family! I just love her!!

Derek, Kellyn and Camden said...

Isnt the bumbo like the greatest thing in the world?! I dont know what I would dp w/out it. Lets get together soon!