Saturday, February 6, 2010

a new car

jake and i finally got me a new car. jakes dad sold our taurus(thanks hy). ive been driving my moms expediton.(thanks mom) weve been looking for a couple of days now and came home with this. i know what you must be thinking a van? i said id never drive a van. we decided it would be the best car for us. we got a good deal, which is always good but we will be able to grow into it (im not pregant) and have it for a long time. i cant believe it!


Jenn and Rob said...

I love it. I don't like vans but I love that one. It's chic way to go Hyrum. If you are ever bored at home, I am just around the corner.

The Welker Family said...

I love being a mini-van-mom! It's totally cool! Trust me :)

Nunes Family said...

Hey thats my VAN!! So happy you got a new car. LOVES