Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy birthday Jake

jake had hi 26th birthday! he acutally stayed home sick from work...poor guy! we had fajitas for his birthday and i made a 4 layer desert which is he fav. i hope you had a good birthday honey! charlee and i love you so much!

opening his gift(new tennis shoes)

jake and his cake

charlee trying very hard not to stick her fingers in it


Nunes Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!! We all hope you had a great ONE!! I love the picture of charlee in front of the cake with her finger ready to go. She is getting so big! Tell her we LOVE HER!!!

GrammieJ said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry to hear you are still sick hope you get better soon!!

The Welker Family said...

What a fun little family birthday party. Charlie is as cute as they come! I love those little chubby legs!