Monday, April 21, 2008

spring trip

mom came to visit this weeked. it turned out to be a great time. the weather was great. we went shopping and just hung out. this is her under one of the cherry trees. they are so beautiful.
jake and i have never been to the hospital that im delivering at so we took a trip to find out where it was. ofcourse the exit off the freeway that we needed was closed so we had to drive around but we eventually found it and these are some flowers outside the building.
this is us under another tree. these cherry trees bloom everywhere around here and they are the coolest colors. in purple and pink mostly.
we took a trip down town to the inner harbor. it was really nice. the breeze from the ocean made it great to be outside. we just walked around, had lunch and got some ice cream.
this is us on sunday after church. this tree is by our house. man i look big in this pic. i did have another appt and ive gained another 2lbs. so im on my way to gaining atleast 20lbs by the end. its all those cookies and milk that i have just about every night! i want to thank my mom for coming it was great. she help me get a little organized and we got extra stuff that i was missing for the baby, also she took me out for my birthday. it went by too fast as usual and i miss her already! love you mom!


Nunes Family said...

Thanks for posting Pictures! Looks like mom and you had a great time oh yeah jake to. Love you.

Rob and Lexie said...

Fun! It's so nice that you had time to relax and hang out with your mom before the baby comes! So she is coming out again for the birth right? Fun times! oh, and you are the cutest pregnant woman I have ever seen!!!

Derek & Kellyn said...

Man, its beautiful there. And geeez! You look huge in that last pic. Good for you. You were making me look real bad :) We miss you Honas. Take care of your pregnant self.