Thursday, April 3, 2008

Camden Yards

jake and i went to our first baseball fame last night. jakes friend elliott johnson got moved up from the minors to play with the tampa bay rays. so we went to camden yards hoping to see him

the field is pretty nice. but i like chase better! i just couldnt get myself to cheer on either team. i guess deep down my heart belongs to the diamond backs!
as you can tell there was nobody at the game. but they have some roudy fans!
we had pretty good seats, but since there was nobody there, and usher came and told us that could move up. so we moved down a section on the 3rd base line. they were good seats.

yes of course when the sun went down it got so cold. i wore a longsleeve shirt, sweater, jacket, gloves and a beenie.....can you tell what im drinking? yes that is hot chocolate! i couldnt believe that sold hot chocolate at the game! i miss the nice warm weather at chase stadium!


Nunes Family said...

Fun Ash, wish we could of gone with you guys! Have a great week.

Jenny Lynn said...

Ashley- how fun to find you on here! I hear you are pregnant, that is awesome! Kids are so fun! Your little one will have lots of cousins to play with and love!

David and Alissa said...

Hey that's the name of Kellyn's baby. LOL

Derek & Kellyn said...

CAMDEN yards!! WAHOO! Everyone asks me if I am a big baseball fan. Ha! Had no idea they named a field after my future son. Crazy :)