Monday, April 7, 2008

Baby Update

so i thought i would update everyone on the baby. nothings really changed. jake did pull a april fools joke on our moms and told them that i went into early labor. it was supposed to be funny, but neither of them thought it was! sorry guys. so we had a doctors appt on friday and things are good. she moves constantly! i can feel her move most of the day and night! at our last appt 2 weeks ago the doctor told me i had to gain at least 2pounds by our next appt. well i did! im up to 120.4 now. so ive gained about 5lbs since becoming pregnant. also we decided that im going to get induced, either on the 5 or 6th of june. probably the 6th. but its just the easiest since mom is coming from arizona and i dont want her to miss the brith. so i cant belive that i only have 2months left. time has gone by so fast. i get more nervous everytime i think about it, but i can wait to see our little girl.


Rob and Lexie said...

how come you are going to get induced? Is there a problem, or do you just have a really nice doctor? I know most Dr's wont induce with your first baby unless you are way overdue. so I am curious!

Anonymous said...

5 pounds you make me sick. I was told to stop gaining weight! We miss you guys too. Can't wait for little Charlee to get here. You are a better blogger than me. I am horrible. I am still behind I need to blog our trip still!

Love stacy, Trae, and Parker

Nunes Family said...

Iam with stacy you make me sooo sick only five pounds!!! I wish I could be there when you have her and also there when your milk comes in. Mom said she will take pictures of it all!!! Miss you guys a ton. Carter is getting soo big. Tell jake hi! Love you

Derek & Kellyn said...

Ash, before you know it that baby will be in your arms. Such a crazy thought huh. You gotta stop thinking about the actuall delivery. Its NO GOOD! Just think of flowers and chocolate :) Thats what helps me when I start thinking about pushing a baby out of me. YIKES! At least Im first, so I'll give you all the details. FUN STUFF!