Monday, March 31, 2008

Virgina Beach

dad was in virgina beach he was doing the national highschool wrestling tournament this weekend and he got us a free room at a hotel, so jake and i drove 4hours down to the beach.
on the way just driving down the freeway and over the trees we spotted this temple. im not sure which one it is. we werent sure if we were still in maryland or in va, but the more i think about it, it could be the washington dc temple as well. it was the coolest thing. we didnt get a chance to stop by, i was hopeing to on the way back but didnt get the chance.
we stayed at the atlantic sands hotel and it was right on the beach. this is our view from our room. it was so cold and windy that we didnt really get to do anything. we went to a few shops but it was too cold to walk around for a long time.
this is dad at the tournament, doing his thing. he did a really good job!
jake and i just chilling at the tournament.

this is right before we left the tournmanet, just a cute picture with dad.

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Nunes Family said...

Fun Ash, Glad you got to see dad! To bad it was so cold the beach looks beautiful!