Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend

we went to my uncles house in jersey for easter this weekend. we had a lot of fun. like usual they feed us really well and theres always something to do. we love spending time with them and annemarie's family.
this is austin at the first egg hunt that they had at the church across the street.

these are olivia's and austin's cusins from left to right, olivia, maxine, tanner, audrey, austin, roco and kevin. this is the egg hunt that annemarie did there were eight kids and she had 378 eggs! all candy filled eggs, needless to say the kids got tons of candy, like it was halloween! they had a great time. jake and annemarie hid the eggs at thier family farm.
austin showing off the cupcake that he made into a bunny
olivia made one too!


Nunes Family said...

Ash, I love all of your pictures! I hope you guys had a great Easter! WE MISSED YOU!! I love your new blog layout!

Derek & Kellyn said...

Hey Honas! Love all the add ons to your blog. We sure do miss you guys! Hope all is going well with the pregnancy. The crib is adorable. Isnt it fun?! Im down to 6 weeks and will totally be thinking of you as Im in horrible labor. hahaha jk. Miss you! Love you!