Wednesday, March 5, 2008

home again

so i know i havent posted anything for a while and i promise to put up pictures, but i just got home from arizona after being there a month. it was a great trip and i miss my family already. ill post some pictures in a couple of days. trae and stacy are here and were going to new york! so ill post pics after that. just want to say hi to my little nephews and tell them i love them. it will be a long time till i see them again. also to my mom and dad for all the did for me when i was in town. i love them so much and i dont know what i would do without them. well if i write any more mushy stuff ill start crying. so i know the blog is boring put i promise ill get some new pics up soon.

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Nunes Family said...

Ok we have been waiting for your pictures! can't wait for a new post!