Thursday, January 3, 2008

home for the holidays

being home for two weeks was great. the weeks went by too fast. but we had a blast when we were there. jakes family didnt know that we were coming before christmas they thought we were coming after. so it was a great surprise when we showed up early. we spent the first couple of days shopping and seeing old co-workers and just hanging out with family. we got to spend christmas eve and morning with jakes family. it was great fun, jakes little sister and brother got us up at 630am. then we went back to mesa and spent christmas night with my family. we played cards and hung out together. as usuall we had to have a taco night. so on friday we went out the britani's and my uncle glen and his family came over and my dad made my grandmas tacos. oh how we love grandmas tacos. jake and i went out there early and got to spend time with the boys riding thier bikes they got for christmas. we had to catch a late plane and like the first time i cried. i just couldnt help myself. i just wasnt ready to leave. i thought i was done crying untill my nephew hunter said "im going to miss you aunt ashley" and i just broke down. it was a long flight home, we didnt get in untill 9 the next morning. we crashed until about 230pm. i cant wait till i come back which will be at the end of feb for my sisters brith of her fourth yes i said fourth boy.

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