Friday, January 4, 2008

baby news

so we went to the doctor today. i have acutally lost weight not gained any. im not surprised though i have hard time eating anything. but everything is good. the doctor did a fetal heart beat and its little heart beat was 150 which is really good for those of you that dont know. so i go next week to find out what were having. so i will let all you know. were really excited to find out, jake really wants a boy but i dont really mind what it is im just ready to know! i want to start buying clothes and all that baby stuff but its hardwhen you dont know what your having. i hope you all have good day. we miss you all.


Nunes Family said...

I can't wait either for you to find out. Hey 150 usally means its a boy. I would love for you to have a girl. BUT if you had a boy our little guys will be best friends. Call me as soon as you know.

Rob and Lexie said...

congrats! finding out is SO amazing! if you haven't had an ultrasound yet, get ready you'll probably cry! at least I do every time. it's just so awesome to see your baby for the first time. And all my boys heartbeats have been 150 or more...just so you know! Let us know when you find out, I'm excited for you!