Friday, January 18, 2008

A Girl!

Its a girl! here are some pictures of our little charlee! it was so fun at the u/s she was trying to pull at her feet and was moving the whole time, you could see she was kicking as well. it was so fun seeing all her little parts. the tech showed us the head, kidneys, spine, shoulders, arms and legs. everything looks good which is a relief to know that shes ok, sometimes i would worry that i was doing something wrong. hopefully i will be able to feel her move soon. it was so cool to see. were so excited to finally know, now i can go and buy all those baby clothes!

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Rob and Lexie said...

a girl!!!! oh I am jealous, I want one some day! So is that the name , Charlee? (pronounced Charlie?) that's so awesome, that's one of my girl names too! only spelled Charli. Like I'll ever get a girl though! well CONGRATS! we are excited for you!