Sunday, June 7, 2009

Charlee's Party

we had charlees party on saturday! it was lots of fun and i want to say thank you to everyone that came! it meant a lot for you guys to be there. also to my aunt marina who let us use her house and pool! charlee had a great time and i hope that everyone else did to!

charlees cake that my friend lynn made! thank you so much it was a big hit!
charlee is her birthday outfit. i made the shirt!

charlees friend layla

blowing out the candle on the cake

testing it out

ummmm this is good!

i think ill smash it in my face!

opening presents with all her cousins

the gift she got! thank you to everyone you guys sure did spoil her! we love you all

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Nate and Lori said...

Wow one year already? We just made our trip out to Baughers to pick Strawberries and I thought of you the entire time. You were so pregnant! Happy Birthday to Charlee!