Sunday, May 31, 2009

Carter and Charlee

my sister and her family took off to disneyland this week man i wish i could have gone with them! well they only took thier three older boys. so my brother, sisterin law and my mom watched her youngest carter. he can be a difficult baby but he did really well he had his moments but i now know what it would be like to have twins! charlee and carter loved playing outside together. even tho it was hot thats were they spent most of thier time.

charlee in this car that she loves
carter man

carter and charlee arent they cute

they look like they are playing nice but in reality they would hit and yell at each other if the other one didnt like wha thtye were doing

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Nunes Family said...

You guys are the best!!! Thanks for watching our little guy. LOVE YOU!!!