Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday America!

we had a great 4th of july! my aunt and uncle always throw a big party for the 4th. my mom and dad have come to the party but jake and i have never been able to come. tons of people come and they have tons of food...corn, brisket, salads, sloppy joes, hot dogs and so on. we had a great time. im so thankful for the men who fought and i died for our freedom i wouldnt want to live anywhere elese, im so grateful for our freedom!

this is charlee and her "east coast grandpa" we love oj.
charlee just chillin
this is austy...jakes new best buddy. he was sad when we had to leave today
charlee wouldn't open her eyes for a picture, i think it was too bright for her. doesn't she look cute in her 4th outfit? and i made the bow (with a little help from Jake!).

daddys girl
sleeping in moms arms.


Nunes Family said...

Oh, Ash I wish I could hold that cute little girl!! I love the bow you made for her for the 4th. She soooooo cute! I miss you guys.
Love you

Jenn and Rob said...

Charlee looks so cute in her 4th of July outfit. I especially like the cute bow. Have fun with the Morris'!

Parker, Stacy & Trae said...

Okay I need a girl to put bows in he hair! She is sooo cute!