Friday, June 13, 2008

Our baby girl

we finally got to bring out little girl home today. we were in the hospital all week long. i know you've all been waiting for some pictures of little charlee. my labor actually went pretty well, my epidural worked great and i progressed rather quickly. it all went down hill when i hit 9cm and labor kinda stalled. charlee was turned the wrong way, and her heart rate was going up and down. after pushing for a little while, the doctor decided that i might not be able to push her out so i had to go into the OR. i tried pushing some more and then the doctor decided that i had to have a c-section. the last thing that i wanted. so charlee was born at 7:49pm. after going through what i did my dad and brother flew in that night and got here the next morning, my uncle picked them up from the hosp and im so thankful that they could be there. also i want to thank my home teachers nate and james that came and gave me a blessing. so here are pictures while we were in the hosp.

my sister in law stacy gave charlee this hat and i love it, its a little big for her now, but its too cute!
these are the proud grandparents of charlee, finally a little girl to add to the bunch
this is all of us, chuck, dad, britani, jake mom, me and baby charlee. i dont know what i would do with out thier support. i couldnt have gotten through with out them.
proud mamma and papa. i acutally got out of bed this day. it took a while
our sweet little girl! shes so cute and such a blessing in our lives. she def looks like jake and his side of the family with her chubby cheeks.

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Rob and Lexie said...

wow what a story. So did she turn during labor, or was she breach the whole time? That is crazy, I am glad you are ok though, and she is just beautiful, I'm very jealous! How are you feeling? I hear C-sections are not so fun :( Well, keep the pics coming, I just love them!