Saturday, June 14, 2008

Jaundice Baby

so charlee has had some jaundice. she had to be put on the lights. we had to take her to the doctor today and get her checked out and they did another test and told us that her billi has gone down. im so relieved that it went down, we can take her off the lights now, but we have to go back to the doctor on monday to get her checked again, to make sure shes doing good.


andrea said...

That same thing happened with Andin, my oldest. I remember being so sad that I couldn't hold him while he was under the lights. I'm glad she is able to go home though! She is seriously so cute Ashley!

Jenny Lynn said...

She is so cute, I'm glad she is here and safe. That is awesome that your whole family came to see you, sometimes great things come from trials :)