Monday, December 3, 2007

home in maryland

well we did it! we moved to maryland. were outside of baltimore in a place called windsor mills. its pretty nice. its an old town. the streets are small and all the resturants are all privately owned. the only comcerical places are wendys and taco bell. jakes doing well at work. he really likes it so far. i dont have a job yet. jakes told me i have to start looking soon. its been pretty cold. there is a chance of snow on wed, but its been in the 40's most of the time. here are some pictures of the house and some trees around.

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Nunes Family said...

Ash you did it! You started a blog. The only pro is there are no pictures of you girl! I miss you guys. Your townhome looks way cute. Can't wait to we see you in a few weeks. Hope your feeling ok. Stay nice and warm. The boys miss you. Love Brit