Thursday, August 1, 2013

well my baby started kindergarten today! i cant believe that this day is here already not only has the last 5 years gone by fast but the last couple of months have flown by! charlee is definitely ready and was so excited! shes been talking about kindergarten for about 6months now. shes so smart and beautiful i cant wait for all the learning shes going to do! she can already count to 100 add small numbers, figure out patterns, loves to figure out how much things cost and give me a hard time when im wrong! even tho she was excited i think she was nervous when jake and i left and i had to leave because i started tearing up! im so excited for this next new adventure in her life! i love you charlee!
brynlee and "sissy" she misses her too!
mom and charlee

i love her face in this one!
just a picture to show how grown up she really is!

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