Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brynlee Elizabeth Morris

so she is finally here and im finally posting about it. ive had a bit of a rough recovery so havent had much computer time. she came sooner than we both thought which was a good thing since it was going to be the hottest week in arizona to date! i had been a three for two weeks so i didnt think that i was gonna have her before my due date.
i woke up monday morning around 220am whith some pains but i wasnt sure if they were contractions or not. i woke jake up and we starting timing them and they were about 30mins apart. around 830 we got to my moms since it was closer to the hospital and my contractions were getting about 15mins apart. i walked around my moms house trying to get them closer together. around 1130 we went to the hosptial got checked in and i was already at a 8! i couldnt believe it. they got me into a room and got my epidural really fast. i starting pushing around 200pm and she was born at 421pm 7lbs 10oz. she came out with her hand up by her face so it took me longer to get her pushed out. were just so thankful that shes here and love her so much.

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Steve + Brindy Arnett said...

CONGRATS Ashley!! she is so adorable and i LOVE her name! :)