Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry christmas

we spent christmas is thatcher this year with jakes family. we celebrated early with my parents on wed. we ate mexican food, opened presents and then delievered some stuff to a family that needed some help. it was a great night. charlee got a new bike from her grammy and we got a new surround sound for a new tv charlee was in love with opening presents. i dont have any pictures from christmas morning but it was fun. charlee is in love with all the toy story stuff she got. she also got a cabbage patch doll from her momo, clothes and lots of movies. it was a great time spent with family

charlee and shawn in thier christmas pjs...arent they so cute

hope everyone had a great christmas!

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Steve + Brindy Arnett said...

glad you guys had such a good Christmas and love all your pics! charlee is so cute! :)

ooh and you are so right about veronica mars. she is the coolest! :) ...were still hooked and just started season 3!